Priority Service for Sponsor Licence [Decision Within 10 Working Days]

The priority service for sponsor licence is an extra service that will allow you to receive a decision on your application for a skilled sponsor licence in 10 working days as opposed to the standard service of 8 week turnaround time.

Priority Service for sponsor licence will come at an additional cost of £500 from the Home Office UKVI. Pre-license priority service is another name for sponsor licence priority service. This article provides a detailed review of the scheme and its improved priority service, highlighting their potential impact on businesses and foreign workers.

From 21 June 2023, the pre-licence priority service can be applied for at the same time as applying for the sponsor licence or even after you submit your sponsor licence application under standard service. Previously, you had to send an email to request inclusion in this service, and if successful would be sent a payment link to pay the £500 fee.

UK Home Office’s Sponsor Licence Scheme: Pre-Licence Priority Service

As specialist fast track immigration lawyers for sponsor licence, we can provide sponsor licence priority service for a decision on your sponsor licence application within 10 working days.

The Sponsor Licence Scheme is a lifeline for businesses in the UK. It enables them to fill in the gaps by hiring immigrants. The application process is slow and tedious. Therefore, many businesses opt in for sponsor licence priority service by paying an additional £500 fee.

How to fast track a sponsor licence application?

Our sponsor licence immigration lawyers are experts in submitting your sponsor licence application under priority service so you get a decision within 2 weeks. You can contact our sponsor licence lawyers for a priority service for your sponsor licence application.

What is the priority service for skilled worker sponsor licence application?

The priority service for sponsor licence is an additional service for sponsor licence applications. Under priority service for sponsor licence, you receive an outcome of your application within 10 working days.

Priority Service – Sponsor Licence Applications – changes from 21 June 2023

The priority service offers consideration of a Sponsor Licence application within 10 working days, rather than the standard processing time of 8 weeks. From 21 June 2023, a request for priority service needs to be submitted at the same time or after the application through the application portal.

No Priority Service, No Fee

As expert sponsor licence lawyers, when providing one-off service for your sponsor licence priority service, we can provide you with no priority, no fee service. We will act for you under a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) which means we will issue a full refund of the fees paid to us, without any deductions if we are unable to submit your sponsor licence application through Priority Service within 48 to 72 hours of receiving the payment from you.

If we successfully submit your sponsor licence application through Priority Service within 48 to 72 hours of payment being made to us, we will charge a fixed fee of £250 based on a conditional fee agreement (CFA) signed between you and us.

Benefits of the Sponsor Licence Priority Service

The priority service for sponsor licence provides you with an opportunity to get the decision of your application faster than the standard service. This is beneficial for businesses looking to hire foreign employees to grow their businesses.

How to request priority service for sponsor licence application?

Under the new system, you can request and pay for the priority service at the same time of making your sponsor licence application or even after applying.

Cost of the priority service for sponsor licence application

The pre-licence priority service for a sponsor licence costs an additional £500.

FAQs – UKVI Sponsor Licence Priority Service

Who is eligible for sponsor licence priority service?

To be eligible for the Home Office sponsor licence priority service: You must have applied for a sponsor licence in an eligible route(s) by completing the online application form on the Home Office Website. You must have paid both the application fee and the priority service fee.

What is the processing time for sponsor licence under the Priority Service?

The processing time for a sponsor licence application under priority service is 10 working days.

Can I use the Priority Service after online submission of the sponsor licence application?

Until the application is allocated to the caseworker for consideration, it is possible to request the Priority Service after the online submission of your application through standard service.

What is the new pre-licence Priority Service?

The Home Office UKVI introduced new procedures for applying for pre-licence priority service on 21 June 2023. From 21 June, requests for priority service will no longer be accepted by email.

How many pre-licence priority slots are available?

The number of Sponsorship pre-licence priority service slots has been increased to 30 slots per working day.

How can we help with your skilled worker sponsor licence application?

We understand that efficiency, both in terms of money and workforce is important to any successful business. At Deluxe Law Chambers, our commercial awareness and experience in dealing with sponsor licence applications sets us apart from other immigration law firms.

We understand what needs to be done to secure a Sponsor Licence allowing you to do what you do best, run your business to ensure it is profitable. We take the stress away from applying for a Sponsor Licence which can be complex in nature giving you confidence of a successful outcome.

  • We conduct a review of your organisation and HR structure.
  • We advise you on the required documents to apply for a sponsor licence application.
  • Our legal team advise you on skilled worker sponsor licence requirements.
  • We can find out the priority slot for your sponsor licence application.
  • We work with you to build a robust system for your organisation to comply with the Home Office requirements.
  • We prepare your application form.
  • We advise you about your duties and responsibilities as a sponsor licence holder.
  • We maintain a high reputation for being understanding, tenacious, and flexible in dealing with our clients to ensure the best result possible.

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Hamid Ilyas
My experience with Deluxe Law Chambers, and specifically with Mr. Usman Rasheed, was excellent. Mr. Rasheed's professionalism and expertise made navigating my immigration matter smooth and successful. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking reliable legal assistance.
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Zach Argyle
Paid for a consultation and it went great. Very informative, very helpful.
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Amina Muzammal
My Scotland based business's sponsor licencing application was handled by Mr Rasheed. They have their office in Manchester, and my case was handled remotely without requiring me to go to their office there. I received my sponsor licence in less than six weeks.
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Yas emin
Muhammad and his team have done a superb job and I would recommend them to anyone. Really pleased with the service provided, I was looked after from start to finish and the process felt very smooth. Any questions I had I was able to ask and they were answered promptly and in detail. Thanks so much Deluxe Law Chambers!
Excellent customer service. Got free immigration advice for my sponsor licence matter.
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awais malik
My case dealt by Usman. He was so professional and guided at every step. My application submitted and got success smoothly. Highly Recommend!
Mr Rasheed went above and beyond on our case. He responded quickly and answered all our questions and he guided us accordingly. I am very glad we used this firm
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A Guy
Muhammad handled my partners fiancée visa application then at deluxe law chambers also did her subsequent spouse visa application after our marriage. He was very informative and happy to help. Deluxe Law Chambers got us a positive result and I would recommend Muhammad for anyone wanting a lawyer for their immigration that is willing to contact you even outside of work hours to ensure you do not incur extra costs from application fee changes and ensures everything is covered to aid the application.